EL Arte 2014

• Efective Presentations • Power Point Design • Modern Speech
• Diction, Posture and Projection

Impress your audience 

Theoretical and Practical Workshop – Two Days (12 Hours)

September 14 & 15, 2017
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
San Juan Marriott & Stellaris Casino Hotel

LenisSpeaker: Lenis Oropeza

Author & Professional Etiquette Expert

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This interactive and intensive workshop is designed to develop and optimize verbal and non-verbal communication skills, to learn the art of persuasion, of credibility and eloquence. It also offers the fundamentals for the effective design of Power Point presentations. To achieve greater effectiveness, each participant is video recorded and their practice exercises are analyzed as a means of self-evaluation and to facilitate the learning process by identifying adequate improvements.


This workshop is recommended for any professional that pursues better skills to give presentations, to speak in public, to impact groups, to persuade people and sell ideas.

Participants that have previous experience in public speaking will learn in a practical way how to refine their skills, how to reduce stress and anxiety while public speaking. This is an imperative workshop for those professionals with little or no experience in this art.

Two full immersion days to learn the theory and acquire the practice in front of a group, while receiving individualized coaching from an expert who will help you improve your skills to obtain any audience’s attention and admiration.


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Effective Communication 

  • Basic norms for good Diction. Effective techniques to educate and modulate your voice. Learn to control your breathing, good pronunciation, tone, ondulation and articulation. Common defects that inhibit good communication: repetitions, transpositions and aspirations.
  • Communication Basic Concepts
  • Voice projection practice: exercises for stronger phonetic apparatus and mouth muscles

Learn the Secrets to Modern Speech Public Speaking

  • Basic postures and behind a podium
  • How to capture an audience’s attention and influence their emotions
  • From a podium to direct interaction with an audience
  • Gestures
  • Handling a Microphone

Effective Presentations

  • Basic Rules for an effective Power Point preparation: Organization, logistics, proper design and development
  • Effective visual and textual synthesis
  • How to achieve an effective and powerful presentation
  • Necessary elements vs. Distractors
  • Learn valuable techniques for the refinement of each part of a professional presentation. Make the most out of them to capture and influence your audience.
  • Presentation Practice: mini-coaching to overcome personal challenging situations


VIP GROUPS of no more than 12 participants
Two Days – 12 Hours

Early registration $1,471.08 p/p + Tax
(14 days prior to workshop)
Original Price $1,599.00 p/p + Tax

Special Offers / Perfect Trio

1. One Day at a Time – Choose from one (1) to four (4) days* from our in-person Workshops

2. Total Access – Choose eight (8) access days* a year per participant and SAVE up to $385.00 p/p

3. Groups and Students o Estudiantes – Groups of three (3) or more participants of the same workshop.

Students – Require valid photo IDo

* According to curricular requirements of each workshop


Workshop Includes:

  • Breakfasts, snacks, lunches and coffee breaks
  • Handbook and materials
  • Participation Certificate
  • Networking opportunities with professionals from the best companies