The following Registration Policy governs your use of the Seminarios Imagen, Inc. – Training & Development’s Web Site’s (hereinafter, “Site”) transactional modules and forms located at We, at Seminarios Imagen, Inc. (hereinafter, “Sii”), may change the Registration Policy from time to time, at any time, by posting such changes on the Site. BY USING THE SITE, YOU ACCEPT AND AGREE TO SITE’s TERMS OF SERVICE AND USE as well as to its PRIVACY POLICY and this Registration Policy AS APPLIED TO YOUR USE OF THE SITE. If you do not agree to these terms and policies, you may not access or otherwise use the Site’s transactional forms or modules.

1. Payment:

  • By voluntarily filling our registration form, constitutes your acceptance and obligation to render full payment for the selected events/workshops. The following payment methods are accepted by “Sii”: American Express, Visa, Master Card, ATH Móvil and Checking Account Transfer (ACH). Wire has a $15.00 charge. You could also contact “Sii”, to arrange payment with check or Money Order, sent by regular mail to the following address: PO Box 9118 San Juan, PR 00908
  • Early registration payments must be completed in accordance to sales and promotional datelines.

2. Returned Checks by the bank will have a $25.00 charge fee.

3. Purchase Order, Payment Commitment Letter:

  • “Sii” will notify you the next business day if not approved.
  • Any approved PO request payment must be made in accordance to terms and conditions established in written communication by “Sii” to the client.
  • Surcharges and extra fees might apply if terms and conditions of the PO request are not met by the client.

4. There is a $20.00 charge for door registrations and are subject to space availability.

5. IVU Partially Exempt Business to Business Transaction:

  • In accordance to regulatory changes in Puerto Rican Law 72-2015, a tax of 4% of any purchase total amount must be added to B2B transactions. Client must submit the Merchant Registration Certificate (Registro de Comerciante de SURI) and Form 2916. Otherwise we will charge 11.5%.
  • No exemption will be given without the proper reception of the fore mentioned documentation. Nonexempt purchases will be subject to regular 11.5% IVU.

6. Participant substitution:

  • Participants can be substituted without penalty (excluded participants of the Acceso Total offer, see clause 9).
  • You must notify the change 24 hours prior to the event.
  • Participant’s substitution must be requested by email to within 24 hours before the commencement of the event providing the new participant’s: Name, Last Name, email, mobile phone number, office phone number, company’s name, role at the company. Also, specify if the participant is a vegetarian to arrange for vegetarian meal services.

7. Cancellations:

  • No refunds will be given due to cancellations; Customer has the obligation to render full payment for the selected events/workshops. “Sii” will issue company credits as follows: If you cancel 14 business days before the event the penalty is $50.00 for each event day. Made between 13 and 7 business days the penalty is $110.00 for each event day.
  • No credit will be granted to cancellations made 6 business days or less prior to event.
  • Transfers and credits will be valid for 1 year from the day of the original purchase.

8. No show:

  • Neither credit nor refund will be given for partial or total absences. Requires full payment.

9. Un Día a la Vez, Acceso Total, Estudiantes or Grupos offers

  • All these offers require registration adjustments according to each seminar’s curricular objectives.
  • Acceso Total participants have 1 year from the date of purchase to consume all the days. No roll-over will be granted. An initial payment is required for Acceso Total. Changes to event choices are allowed 14 or more days prior to the date of each event. A company credit will be given if you change to a lower cost event. In case the change is to a higher cost event, the difference in cost will be charged.
  • Payment plan is available for these offers, established the purchase is fully payed 14 days prior to the first scheduled seminar.
  • A valid photo ID will be required for Acceso Total offer participants and cannot be transferred nor sold to a third party.
  • Estudiantes offer requires a valid photo ID from an accredited institution.
  • Only one offer will be honored and cannot be combined with other offers nor applied to previous purchases.

We reserve the right to admission. Courses could be canceled or rescheduled.

Please make check payable to: Seminarios Imagen, Inc.
PO BOX 9118 San Juan PR 00908
Tel. 787-724-2548
Fax 1-800-705-2370