Thank you for visiting our website and requesting information on our seminars and workshops. The English-language version of our website, www.SeminariosImagen.com, will launch online shortly for you to peruse at your convenience. In the meantime, we have English versions of the landing pages describing each of our scheduled seminars, as well as information regarding the various topics we cover.

We have been active in Puerto Rico for 22 years, offering Spanish-language, custom-designed educational experiences for business organizations and entrepreneurs. These are delivered in various formats, including:

  • private, on-site, interactive presentations for specific companies and businesses;
  • public, catered workshops and seminars offered in luxury hotels; and
  • LIVE online (remote) training, addressing the needs of varied industries to acclimate and adjust to an increasingly virtual business world.

In all cases, our educational experiences are delivered live and in enjoyable, interactive formats, ensuring an optimal learning opportunity for each individual participant.

Our engaging speakers are recognized experts in their respective fields, who design and conduct their own interactive, educational workshops. They incorporate empirically-derived assessment, coaching and gaming tools for enhancing individual soft skills and team performance, as well as targeted skills such as preparation for those seeking certification as Project Managers.

Please fill out the requested information and choose from among the topics below which might be of special interest to you, and/or people in your organization.

We will follow up with you promptly upon receipt of this completed form. You may also contact us at info@seminariosimagen.com, call or WhatsApp at 787-724-2548. Thank you.